24 de out de 2011

Using LiLi to create a Bootable, Portable and Virtualized USB Drive

Using LiLi to create a Bootable, Portable and Virtualized USB Drive:
LinuxLive USB Creator, or “LiLi”, is a quick way to create Live Linux USB drives that are persistent virtualized drives. Typically, Linux USB drives require rebooting to install software. It is possible to create a Linux USB drive that will install without a reboot. This is where LiLi comes into play. By setting drive persistence for the USB, you are able to save files and settings on the USB which would normally be lost once the Linux USB drive is dismounted. Creating Linux USB drives is not an unfamiliar subject, but using LiLi is different. It is the feature of drive persistence that makes this method unique. There is also the ability to open your Linux OS in Windows with a portable version of VirtualBox.
Download and install the latest version of LiLi from the link that follows.
Follow all of the steps in the installer and click Finish at the end. Check the box to “Run LinuxLive USB Creator”. The application will launch and you can get started if you already have the LinuxLive ISO downloaded or on CD/DVD.

10 de out de 2011

Online Virus Scanners

Bitdefender Online Scanner – requires Internet Explorer 4+
Eset Online Scanner – requires Internet Explorer
F-Secure Online Scanner – works only with Internet Explorer 6+
Kaspersky Free Virus Scan – browser independent, downloads roughly 25 Megabytes of files prior to scanning. User can select locations to scan. The scanner does not remove infected files.
McAfee FreeScan – requires Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5+
Microsoft OneCare Live – requires Internet Explorer.
Panda ActiveScan – requires Internet Explorer or Firefox, does not run in Opera.
Shields Up! – browser independent but very slow and unresponsive currently.
Symantec Security Check – down or gone.
Trendsecure HouseCall – Java based scanner, works with Java compatible browsers.
Windows Security – Trojan scan that requires Internet Explorer 5+
File Scanners:
Avast Online Scanner – file size limit of 512 Kilobyte
Virus Scan – file size limit of 10 Megabyte.
Virus Total – email upload option, 10 Megabyte file size limit.

Source: http://www.ghacks.net