26 de mai de 2010

Windows Error Message Grabber

Windows Error Message Grabber: "
Windows XP only software Error Report Grabber is an indispensable tool for users who frequently experience error messages in the operating system. Many error messages in Windows are displayed in windows without the option to copy or process the information easily.
It is for instance not possible to copy the error message title to research the error on the Internet. This has to be done manually by the user.
Error Report Grabber is a portable software that can grab the information from open Windows error messages to provide the user with a text version of the information that can be copied easily.
windows error message
The process is semi-automated. The user needs to start the Error Report Grabber application if a Windows error message is displayed on the screen. It is then necessary to enter the first words of the error report title and error text so that the program can identify the correct window.
A click on the Find Report button scans all open windows for the error message. If the program finds the correct windows handles it will display their contents. A click on the Grab button will grab the information and display them in the program’s interface. These can then be copied by clicking on Copy.
Error Report Grabber is unfortunately only compatible with Windows XP. The program can be downloaded from the developer’s website. (via BlogsDNA)


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