15 de nov de 2010

Zoho Support adds a Help Desk to its Web-based office suite

Zoho Support adds a Help Desk to its Web-based office suite: "
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Zoho -- the popular Web-based office suite -- has added another component to its customer support offerings. In addition to Zoho Assist, their Java-based remote assistance app, the company is now offering Zoho Support, a full-featured help desk application.

Support packs tons of essential features, from managing customer requests and contracts to maintaining tasks and contacts. There's also a powerful reporting feature so you can analyze your Support data. It's an excellent option for small or medium-sized businesses who need a way to track customer issues and problem resolutions. Access to the core help desk functionality is free for one help desk user and up to 25 incidents per month -- which might not seem like a lot, but should suffice for small-time freelancers. Paid plans start at $12 per month per user.

Want to see Zoho Support in action? Check out the official preview video after the break.

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