29 de dez de 2010

Windows Build Audit, Create Windows System Reports

Windows Build Audit, Create Windows System Reports: "

I sometimes need to get a quick overview of a computer system that I work on for the first time. Windows Build Audit is a free portable application that can generate Windows system reports in HTML format easily making it ideal for that task.

The Open Source software has a size of less than 300 Kilobytes on the hard drive after unpacking and can be started from any location of the system. Reports can be saved into different locations which means it can not only be run from writable storage devices but also CD or DVDs.

windows build audit

The program can be executed with a double-click, or by running it from the command line with optional command line switches. Switches include the option to run a silent audit without user interaction.

Windows Build Audit generates the report and saves it as a HTML file in a selected location on a connected storage device.

The report creates item groups which reveal detailed information about the computer system. Included in the report are information about the users of the system, the installed software, plug and play devices, the computer bios, hardware that includes the cpu, computer memory and network adapters as well as the operating system and version.

windows system report

Reports are offered in one single file and havee a size of less than 100 Kilobytes.

Windows Build Audit is offered at the project’s Sourceforge page. Alternatives to the open source application are PC Audit and Win Audit

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