17 de jan de 2011

RedRiot is a high-performance shooter -- Time Waster

RedRiot is a high-performance shooter -- Time Waster: "

I often enjoy writing about minimalistic, retro-style time-wasters. You know, games that seem to come from a simpler time, when graphics was very basic, and it was all about speed and gameplay.

Well, RedRiot is one exception. The graphics here are nothing but basic, and accordingly, this game takes a while to load. Once it loads, though, it's great fun. You're a super-warrior floating around the screen with a jetpack, and each level is a 'mission' with its own objective. You're may be called upon to destroy a couple of radar towers, or perhaps several missile silos, etc.

As you go about your business, the enemy will try to stop you. At first, there are only tanks that roll around on the ground and shoot up at you. But fairly soon, you start getting drones that fly around the screen, shoot at you and do their best to make your life difficult.

There's a shop at the end of each level, and you can buy extra damage, extra lives, improved accuracy and all sorts of goodies. This is a great game for when you want a time-waster, but not one that looks like it was made in 1980.

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