9 de jun de 2010

Double Driver 4.0 is an even better driver backup and restore app for Windows

Double Driver 4.0 is an even better driver backup and restore app for Windows: "

One thing DIYers (myself included) often forget to do prior to reformatting a system is to take a few minutes to make sure all of the necessary drivers for their hardware are at the ready. You pull the trigger on the format option only to realize that, oh crap, you didn't save that .zip file for your TV tuner card, and you'll have to go sift through support pages...again.

Double Driver offers an excellent way to avoid driver download headaches: it painlessly backs up and restores your drivers with no more effort than it takes to check a few boxes and click a button. It's an excellent post-install app to add to your toolbox: fire up Double Driver, start a restore, and within minutes, you'll have done away with all of those annoying exclamation marks in Device Manager.

Version 4.0 is faster than previous releases, and it's also added a command line interface. With the CLI, I've now got a simple batch script that I can use to quickly back up drivers with a double-click. Double Driver has a few other tricks up its sleeve, too, like the ability to remotely back up the drivers from other systems on your network.

Double Driver is a free download, it's totally portable, and it runs on Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7 -- both 32 and 64-bit versions.

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