9 de jun de 2010

Internet Explorer History Monitor

Internet Explorer History Monitor: "

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer keeps track of the accessed websites and urls just like any other web browser by default. That’s helpful to keep track of already visited websites, especially to access them at a later time if their url cannot be remembered and they have not been added to the bookmarks of the browser.
But the Internet history has also raised privacy concerns as it can be used to trace a user’s activities on the Internet. It is possible to change the history settings in Internet Explorer and delete the history right away.
The portable program IE History Monitor offers an alternative to that by displaying the complete Internet Explorer history in its interface.

internet explorer history

The monitor does not only display urls that have been directly opened in Internet Explorer but also those that have been opened in third party tools that make use of the Internet Explorer engine to display contents.
Each entry is displayed with its title, url and dates it has been last visited and updated. Protocols like http, https and ftp are color coded to make identification easier.
Rows can be selected and deleted right away by pressing the Delete key after selecting them.
The program has also an option to clean up specific items. It is for instance possible to delete history entries that have a specific protocol, contain a specified text or are local links to a hard drive.
IE History Monitor can be downloaded directly from the developer’s website. The portable program is compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit editions of Windows.


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