28 de set de 2010

Here comes LibreOffice -- an Oracle-free fork of OpenOffice

Here comes LibreOffice -- an Oracle-free fork of OpenOffice: "
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First it was OpenSolaris, now it's OpenOffice. Yes, another previously-Sun-led initiative is being forked as a 'thanks-but-no-thanks' response to the arrival of Oracle on the scene.

The freshly-formed Document Foundation is being created to further the goals and aspirations of OpenOffice.org, and will produce LibreOffice -- a more community-focused project. Initial supporters of LibreOffice include the FSF, OSI, Canonical, and the GNOME foundation. Oracle has been invited to the party as well, though they've yet to RSVP.

As The H points out, there's some uncertainty about Oracle's commitment to OpenOffice development, hence the desire by a certain group to fork. The Document Foundation hopes that LibreOffice's independence from Oracle will attract more contributors and lead to an even better, more popular product.

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