25 de out de 2010

Adobe announces Project ROME public preview, brings all-in-one content creation to the cloud

Adobe announces Project ROME public preview, brings all-in-one content creation to the cloud: "
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Adobe let-fly its ROME free public preview over the weekend, for use on the desktop in AIR, or direct in the browser. Project ROME is an attempt to blend the kind of static content creation that InDesign allows, plus interactive media elements and a bit of PowerPoint thrown in for good measure, all wrapped in a cloud-based solution. It's difficult to describe exactly what ROME is, as it does so much -- but if you think about it as a simplified multimedia publishing solution you're just about there. Adobe describes it as 'an all-in-one content creation and publishing application that lets virtually anyone at home, work or school inject the power of graphics, photos, text, video, audio, animation and interactivity into everyday projects.'

Project ROME allows you to create, collaborate and share a whole host of projects using Acrobat.com, Google Docs, Facebook and Twitter. Adobe's even created an Education-specific release of ROME, partnering with several large schools, allowing the creation of interactive teaching materials with 'safe, secure use of content.''

After a quick play, we can safely say our days of using Paint are over. Project ROME seems incredibly simple to use, with a plethora of templates, text, shape and drawing manipulation tools, support for image and file import, plus embedding of maps and other interactive media -- it's certainly a jack-of-all-trades. For a professional designer, ROME will feel over simplified and limited, but for your average Joe, Adobe's target market for the project, we might have a winner on our hands. Whether it'll stand up to more rigorous use, we'll have to wait to find out, but it's certainly worth a try.

If you're still not sure, Adobe's provided a quick promotional video to better describe what Project ROME can do, which we've included after the break.


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