28 de out de 2010

CIO Essentials for Cloud Computing

CIO Essentials for Cloud Computing: "Cloud computing is changing everything we ever believed about information technology (IT). By essentially renting Web-based applications instead of purchasing software and servers, businesses are beginning to understand the implications of cloud computing for virtually on-demand scalability and reduced infrastructure and complexity as well as saving money. And that's just the beginning. IT professionals and decision-makers had better be ready for the next generation of cloud computing.

View this ZDNet Webcast to learn more about the fast-changing implications of the most important technology since the Internet and what it means for both business and IT leaders:

Find out how cloud computing will continue to profoundly impact the way that software is purchased and consumed and what it means in terms of issues such as service, security, storage, and compliance
Learn why cloud computing is completely re-shaping our thinking of the data center and what it means for the future of IT support and management
Discover what you need to know about the different types of cloud computing providers and the important roles that they will soon most likely play in your business

This Webcast, CIO Essentials for Cloud Computing 3.0, will help get business and IT decision-makers up-to-speed fast on what's happening today and -- perhaps more importantly -- what's happening next in cloud computing.

View It Today!

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