9 de abr de 2010

Google Docs Windows Explorer Integration (Ask The Readers)

Google Docs Windows Explorer Integration (Ask The Readers): "
Now that I have decided to run a computer system without local pdf reader installed I had to find another comfortable way of dealing with pdf documents. I’m currently using Google Docs for the purpose which is not that big of a nuisance because I have to open pdf documents rarely and I have the web browser open most of the time to access Google Docs in just a few clicks.
One thing however that bothers me a little bit is that there does not seem to be a way to integrate Google Docs in Windows Explorer natively. Natively meaning without a software or application running in the background that provides that functionality.
I have discovered several programs that can be used to send documents from Windows Explorer to Google Docs. These include Quick Tools for Google Apps or Google Docs Uploader but their functionality is only available for as long as the programs are running.
I’m more looking for a solution that integrates the upload into Windows Explorer without a software running in the background all the time. Much like the Virus Total Uploader is offering. The program only starts up if the user selects the option to send the selected files to Virus Total.
The question is: Is there a way to integrate Google Docs into Windows Explorer without a permanent process in the background that is providing that functionality?

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